There are multiple tiers available. Your current tier, and number of users, is displayed on the web part when you're in Edit mode. You'll also get a link to upgrade if appropriate.


The Free tier allows up to 5 users in any 30 day period. Users beyond that number will not see a rendered chart. You can upgrade to Pro at any time and unlock the chart for additional users.


The Pro tier allows up to 50 users in any 30 day period, and additional users will not see a rendered chart. If you require users beyond this, you will need to contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll create a tailored plan which will place you on a custom Enterprise tier.


You are on the enterprise plan when you enter a license key. Each license key is unique and you should keep it safe.
If you would like a completely unlocked version of the product, we can provide that. Additionally, we can provide a version of the product for enterprise customers which includes all of the scripts within the package and does not depend on the 365Automate Azure CDN.
Note that we do not store email addresses or other user sensitive data. We count users based on their numerical ID. We also record a redacted version of the email address, so that we can provide you with a list of active users on request. The redacted email address look like this: c*****[email protected].
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