v2.2.3 - March 2024

Unticking this box will prevent filtering from applying to other charts on the page.

v2.2.2 - November 2023

Fixed many issues related to filtering on calculated fields, especially calculated fields with a Boolean output.

v2.2 - October 2023

Ability to use view-based sorting

Ability to hide the chart when no data is available

It is now possible to remove the webpart from the page automatically when there is no data. For example, if an end user does not have access to the data source, or the chart is not configured. To enable this, tick the checkbox in the 'Appearance' section:


Several bugfixes and reliability improvements were introduced.


However, if no calculation is selected, then all rows will be displayed:

In this case, you may wish to configure the columns displayed. These are taken from the SharePoint View under Items to display:

Therefore, to configure custom columns, you should first set up a SharePoint View and then selected it in the web part configuration. The sorting and filtering of that view will also be applied.


This release introduces support for the TreeMap chart type. A TreeMap renders a section of the pane with a size and color in relation to the numerical value it represents. If you select a secondary field in configuration, then clicking on the block will result in a drill-down operation.


  • This release enables drill-down capabilities for the Pie and Hero webparts.

This also works for pie charts:

This functionality will eventually be integrated with other chart types.

  • The filter webpart now automatically updates when each end-user updates the page. This is useful in the scenario where end users "see" different data from that available when the page was first published. Also, filter options remain fresh.


A lot of minor bugfixes have been completed for this update, including:

  • Improved pie chart rendering to better use available space and avoid cutting off labels

  • Fixed multiple issues in rendering of Scatter charts

  • Only show fields in the Aggregation dropdown that can be successfully aggregated

  • Changed data filtering internals to reduce likelihood of hitting list view threshold errors

  • Fixed issue with custom color palette not taking effect

  • Set a default caching mode to avoid unnecessary live querying



Gantt Charts were introduced in this release. These will work with any List, requiring just two date columns (start and end), at a minimum.

Pie charts received a visual revamp.


Now includes support for Viva Connections! Add the new ListBurst card to the Viva dashboard to connect to a List:


#55 - option to select custom colors. Under the Appearance menu, set the Palette to 'custom'. You may then edit the custom colors.


#56 - option to show exact values on cartesian (bar etc) charts. Tick this box:

Labels are now shown:

This setting is now enabled by default in new installations.



#50 - when a filter web part is configured with a People field, it will auto-select the current user.

#49 - support for displaying chart values as percentages. See the new 'Show as percentages' option under Data Aggregation:

Percentages are also now supported in the case of a stacked bar chart to produce a percentage stacked bar chart:

#48 - A new option is now available to start axis scale at zero. Scales are normally auto-calculated. However, a better visualisation can sometimes be achieved by starting the scale at zero. A new option will allow this:

#51 - When a pie chart had multiple small slices, the labels would overlap. Therefore, there is now support for a separate pie legend, and configuration of its position:

The pie is rendered as shown:


  • #54 - selected views would sometimes return no data after initial chart configuration. This was due to the SharePoint Framework text encoding used when storing configuration data - it didn't support non-ascii characters. The view XML is now stored as base64 to avoid this.

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