New "Hero" chart type introduced. This allows for a simple, textual representation of data:


Gantt Charts were introduced in this release. These will work with any List, requiring just two date columns (start and end), at a minimum.
Pie charts received a visual revamp.


Now includes support for Viva Connections! Add the new ListBurst card to the Viva dashboard to connect to a List:


#55 - option to select custom colors. Under the Appearance menu, set the Palette to 'custom'. You may then edit the custom colors.


#56 - option to show exact values on cartesian (bar etc) charts. Tick this box:
Labels are now shown:
This setting is now enabled by default in new installations.



#50 - when a filter web part is configured with a People field, it will auto-select the current user.
#49 - support for displaying chart values as percentages. See the new 'Show as percentages' option under Data Aggregation:
Option to show values as percentages
Percentages are also now supported in the case of a stacked bar chart to produce a percentage stacked bar chart:
Stacked percentage bar/column chart support
#48 - A new option is now available to start axis scale at zero. Scales are normally auto-calculated. However, a better visualisation can sometimes be achieved by starting the scale at zero. A new option will allow this:
Option to start axis at zero
#51 - When a pie chart had multiple small slices, the labels would overlap. Therefore, there is now support for a separate pie legend, and configuration of its position:
The pie is rendered as shown:


  • #54 - selected views would sometimes return no data after initial chart configuration. This was due to the SharePoint Framework text encoding used when storing configuration data - it didn't support non-ascii characters. The view XML is now stored as base64 to avoid this.