Security & Architecture

The solution is implemented using SharePoint Framework and as such, operates entirely within the constraints of SharePoint functionality. This means that charting data points are not transferred to, or processed by, any external service outside of the customer's Microsoft 365 environment; SharePoint performs all of the data transformations and calculations. Data transfer is only between the browser and the SharePoint tenancy.

The ListBurst Charts SharePoint Framework solution does not request any API permissions. This is because all data remains within the context of the current SharePoint page.

The software is implemented entirely in client-side technology and is executed within the browser. The scripts are downloaded from the Azure CDN over HTTPS. No data is transferred except from an anonymised "ping" which is used to gather anonymous usage telemetry. No charting data or personally identifiable information is sent or received.

The solution files are served from Microsoft Azure and all user accounts are protected via multi-factor authentication. Source code passes multiple checks including code review. Build and deployment processes are hosted via GitHub Actions and pass through a standardized, automated process prior to deployment.

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